Never too busy for a manicure.

💅🏻 Nail wraps curated and designed for the modern ladies, superwomen moms, whimsical hearts and big-dreamers. 💫

Don't let your busy day-to-day stop you from self-pampering & self-care.


How To Use

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put on nail wraps?

For long-lasting nails that shine like a true gel manicure:

1. Pick a nail wrap that is slightly smaller than your nail (no one will notice!)

2. Avoid sticking nail wrap on top of cuticle and skin

3. Wipe finger-tips with alcohol swab before sticking nail wrap (to remove any oil or lotion)

4. Press out any air bubbles and make sure all corners are sealed onto your nail

5. For extra shine and seal, apply top coat!

See full instructions here!

How long do nail wraps last?

If correctly applied onto nails, nail wraps can easily last from 7 - 14 days! You can add a layer of topcoat to maintain the colour & shine.

How do I remove the nail wraps?

Soak your nails in water for 5 minutes & slowly peel the nail wraps off starting from the corners.

Our personal favorite method is during a nice hot shower. (:

Will nail wraps damage my nails?

Nail wraps are safe to use and easy to remove!

However, make sure to give your nails a break in between manicures. Your natural nails will need some breathing period free from any wraps, top coat, or gel to feel its best!

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