How to Use

Nail wraps are as easy as 1,2,3 but it may be tricky for first timers! Follow these 8 steps and you'll be all set with long-lasting wraps that last 8-14 days!

Step 1: Oil-free & Moisturizer-free Nails

We want the nails to be as naked as possible with some natural rough surface so that the stickers can stick on well. 

Step 2: Pick a Size Smaller

Nailwrap size

Pick a nail wrap that fits onto your nail area only! Avoid sticking onto cuticle & skin around the nail as this may allow water to go through and nail wraps to fall off easily.

A typical nail wrap is very sticky & should not slide off during showers and cleaning routine. Correct application is key!

Step 3: Peel off Transparent Layer from the Silver Bar

There are two layers on each new nail wrap: 

(1) Transparent protective layer; and (2) Nail wrap sticker.

Nailwrap layer

nailwrap transparent

First, peel off the transparent protective layer. It's easiest to peel from the silver bar. 

If you forget to peel this layer off, you will notice that the wrap is difficult to file off later on & will affect the stickiness of the wrap on your nail! 

Step 4: Peel off Nail Wrap & Stick!

nailwrap nail sticker

After removing the transparent protective layer, peel off the nail wrap. It's easiest to peel from the silver bar.

Stick onto nail area only and avoid cuticle & skin to ensure longer-lasting wraps. (Don't worry, we've tested it and no one actually notices when the side of the nails are not covered!)

Step 5: Press & Push Out Air Bubbles

nail sticker air bubble

Press down the nail wrap using your fingers or the cuticle stick in the packaging & make sure that all air bubbles are pressed out. 

Step 6: File Off Excess Nail Wrap in Downward Motion Only

nail wrap file nail

nail wrap peel off

File off the excess nail wrap with the mini file provided in the set & file in 1 direction only - Downwards. This will cause the nail wrap to tear off following the shape of your nail. Peel off when you see the wrap break away. 

Step 7: File Nail Shape & Clean Nail Tips

Make sure the tip of the nail is properly filed & clean with no excess wraps. We want all corners of the nail wraps to be stuck onto nails and not left hanging! This is to ensure it does not peel off even if you start scratching surfaces with your nails.

nail wrap clean excess

Step 8: Apply Top Coat

Nail wraps are good to go even without topcoat. However, for extra gloss & surface protection we strongly recommend putting a layer of top coat! This will create more manicure-like effect & help the wraps last longer (:

Voila! You're done! 


Soak your fingers in warm water for 5-8 minutes and slowly peel nail wrap off!

Shhh: For busy ladies like us, here's our secret:  We remove it during a long hot shower! Just pick on the nail wrap and slowly peel it off after 5 minutes in the shower. As easy as 1,2,3 (: